Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (or TRE®) is a simple yet innovative series of exercises created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, that activate a natural reflex mechanism of muscular shaking in the body called neurogenic tremors. This shaking process assists the body in releasing deep muscular tension created through chronic stress or trauma. The neurogenic tremors release muscular tension, calm the nervous system, and encourage the body to return to a state of balance. Watch Dr. Berceli's introduction video below:

TRE is a self-help tool that is self-administered and self-regulated. Once the technique is learned and mastered after several sessions, the warm-up exercises can be accelerated or replaced with your normal exercise activity. TRE then becomes a quick and effective method for returning your body to a state of balance. Eventually, these tremors will evoke themselves naturally in a resting position to reduce any stress or tension that has accumulated over the course of the day.

TRE is being used by thousands of people around the world as an effective tool for releasing chronic stress, physical tension and emotional trauma. It is also quickly becoming a popular way to release the everyday stress, tension, and anxiety that comes from the daily pressures of life.

Reported Benefits Include:

•Less Worry & Anxiety
•More Energy & Endurance
•Less Workplace Stress
•Better Sleep
•Reduces Symptoms of PTSD
•Reduced Muscle & Back Pain
•Increased Flexibility
•Greater Emotional Resiliency
•Decreases Symptoms of Vicarious Trauma
•Healing of Old Injuries
•Lessened Anxiety surrounding Serious Illness
•Relief from Chronic Medical Conditions

Single Session
Private One-On-One Session

•Approximately 60 minutes
•Introductory trauma education
•Learn how TRE® works
•Guided through the TRE® exercises with personal adjustments
•Help you to feel comfortable enough with the exercises to complete at home on your own, even after just one session!

3-Session Bundle
3 Sessions to benefit more from the TRE process

•Reconnect with your body and create a self-care practice
•Master the TRE® exercises and see real progress in your body
•Begin to feel true peace and well-being

Group Special
$70 for each person
FOR A GROUP OF 3 or more
Share in a Healing Experience

•Approximately 60 minutes
•Excellent tool for dealing with work-place stress
•Learn a hugely beneficial healing tool with your friends or family
•Create a self-care practice together
•Become trauma-informed, learning how your body responds to stress
•Use the accountability of a group to keep up this healing practice together